Best Gaming Headsets of 2017

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset

Gamers are graphics enthusiasts. Tell them it looks good and they will go for it without question. Such inclination is understandable as graphics is king when thinking of a gaming PC. However, they have taken this prejudice too far, to the gaming headset. For whatever it takes, it is time gamers understood that when it […]

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Best Gaming Monitors of 2017

Samsung CHG90 Series Curved 49-Inch Gaming Monitor

Whether you are a casual after-hours warrior or a serious gamer, your hardware can be the difference between winning and losing. To get the best out of the latest fast action games, whether it’s racing, sports, or first-person shooter (FPS), you need the best hardware. First of all, make sure that you have powerful gaming […]

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The Best Graphics Cards of 2017

PowerColor Red Devil Radeon RX 470

When building a gaming computer, picking out the best graphics card to suit your needs is absolutely paramount to manifesting the best gaming experience. But here is the all-important question: what, exactly, constitutes suiting your needs? Not everyone plays the same games, not everyone needs to max out their computers’ graphics technology. So when all […]

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The Best Gaming Laptops of 2017


As the festive season begins, gaming laptop deals are becoming overwhelming with each vendor pushing its brand as the best. While there might be little difference between moderately priced gaming laptops, the variance in the high-end market is significant, just as is the competition. From our tests and specs analysis, these three premium-priced gaming laptops […]

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Best Gaming Desktops 2017

Generally, the rule with gaming desktops has been the more money you are able to spend the better the computer, and thus the better gaming experience, you can get. If you have tons of money to spend you can even get a custom PC built from famous custom PC manufacturers.  It is entirely possible though […]

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How to Build Your Own Gaming PC from Scratch

Multiple benefits come with building your own gaming desktop over buying one from a gaming desktop store. First, building your own gaming pc will oftentimes be cheaper than purchasing a pre-built system. In addition, since you are in control of everything including the performance, design, and features, you also to customize the gaming desktop for […]

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