Affordable. Overall, there are many different advantages of the headset that can make it ideal for a lot of different people. One of the advantages of the headset is that it is very affordable compared to other headsets and microphones on the market today. You can purchase a new version of this headset for under $25. This is compared to other headsets in microphones that cost well in excess of $50.

Compatibility. One of the best features of the headset is its extreme compatibility. While some of the more powerful and wireless headsets today may provide a more powerful experience, they are often only designed to work with one system.  With this headset and microphone, you will be able to use it for almost any platform imaginable.  Furthermore, it can also be used to watch movies or listen to music.

Comfortable. Another one of the advantages is that it is ideal for those that like to play games for extended periods of time. First, the headset has very convenient and accessible controls that allow you to easily control your headset volume and speaker sensitivity. The headset also has a very comfortable padding and adjustable setting system that and make it very comfortable for use for those that like to play for hours at a time.


Wired. While there are plenty of advantages that come with the VersionTech G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset, there are some disadvantages as well. One of the main complaints or concerns that people can have over the headset is that it is not wireless. In order for it to work, it will need to be plugged into an auxiliary input on the game controller at all times. Another complaint is that the LED light system needs to be separately charged and the lengths of the chargers and AUX cables make playing and charging at the same time challenging.

Sound. Another disadvantage of the headset and microphone compared to other similar products on the market is the sound system is not as powerful. Today, many of the leading headsets on the marketplace do come with stronger sound systems and subwoofers that can provide a more powerful bass. However, the sound system that is built into the headset is often considered more than sufficient and is better than other headsets that are in a similar price point.


Overall, the VersionTech G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4 Xbox One is a great headset option for those that are on a budget. It receives a rating of four out of five stars due to the compatibility, reliability, overall sound system, and comfort.  However, the fact that it does not have wireless capabilities would be a concern for those that want to have more flexibility when playing the games.

VersionTech G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset

Playing video games has changed a lot over the past 20 years. All games used to be played largely for entertainment purposes; they are now more competitive than ever before. To give yourself an edge and have a better overall experience, you will need to have a range of different accessories to play. One accessory that all avid gamers will need to have is a headphone and microphone. These will allow them to receive a better sound quality and even communicate with other players when playing an online game.

When you are looking for your next headphone and microphone, one option would be the VersionTech G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset. Prior to choosing this headphone and microphone, it is important to understand all of the features of it as well as the pros and cons that come with it.

Good Sound System

Overall, the VersionTech G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset is considered to have a good sound system for gamers. The sound that comes with the headphone uses a 50 mm magnetic driver that provides a stronger and clearer sound. The headphones also come with built-in noise reduction capabilities that help to ensure that any noise outside of the headphones is minimize. The noise reduction technology is also utilized in the microphone, which helps you to clearly be heard when you are playing with other people online. This level of clarity for both hearing and speaking is an advantage compared to other gaming headsets that do not come with the noise cancellation technology. While the sound is considered to be very sufficient, it does not utilize the same subwoofer technology as other headsets, which could be a disadvantage for those that would also like to use the headset for listening to music or movies.

System Compatibility

One of the advantages of the VersionTech G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset is that it has a lot of different system compatibilities.  When you buy this headset, you will have the ability to use it for a range of different systems. It currently supports a PlayStation 4, the current version of the Xbox One, a variety of different personal computers and laptops, many different tablets including the iPad, and even a mobile phone. The one system that it does not directly become compatible with is the older version of the Xbox One. However, there is a simple adapter that you can buy that can be used to make it compatible for this controller as well. This level of compatibility is ideal for anyone that has multiple gaming systems or is considering getting more gaming systems in the future.

Gaming Controls

While the VersionTech G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset can be used for a variety of different entertainment purposes, its controls are ideal for gaming.  The headset comes with an inline control that is conveniently placed in an area that makes it easy for you to access with your fingertips. You are able to control a number of different functions including the mute and volume button, which is ideal when you do not want to take your fingers off the controller for too long. Another feature of the headset is that it has a LED light system that can provide an extra level of excitement and ambience when you are playing.


The headset and microphone also comes with a range of features that make it comfortable to wear for an extended period of time.  The headset has a synthetic weather based ear cushion that not only absorbs sound from leaving the headphone, but also provides you with complete and total comfort while you are playing. Also, the headband is a retractable headband that can be adjusted to a range of different sizes. This makes it ideal for video game players of any age. The overall construction of the headset and microphone is also extremely strong and is resistant to all types of damage due to squeezes, fall, or even tough twisting.