• Comfortable. It feels natural to hold and comfy to use for long hours. The elegant design fits perfectly on the desktop with customized buttons that can perform multiple tasks.
  • Features. Though pricey, Master mouse has extensive features that set and smooth the operations.
  • Speed. The 2.4GHz of memory speeds up the connectivity. As a result, it helps the user in performing multiple tasks faster and easier.
  • Design. It offers sleek and classy design with superior functionality. The four buttons are easy to reach and customizable.
  • Multitasking. It is an ideal mouse for those working with multiple screens, operating systems, and devices.
  • Wheels. The unique thumb wheels offer advanced gestures and horizontal navigation.
  • Tracking. This crafty masterpiece can track virtually anywhere- high gloss surfaces and on the glass.
  • Battery. The power last for 40 days with a single charge – a whole month without charging, incredible! By charging for only four (4) minutes, you will get an entire day power.


  • Pricey. It costs approximately $100. This is way pricey for everyone to afford.
  • Arch. The mouse can arch upward a bit more.
  • Side wheels. The side wheels can stop responding for a while causing the delay in the system operations.
  • Rechargeable. The rechargeable battery is not user-replaceable.
  • Connection. Connections can sometimes get cut off as the Bluetooth cuts out.
  • Buttons. It has small thumb buttons.


The meticulous Logitech MX Master is a worth wireless mouse to add to the Logitech MX products. It is an easy choice for anyone who desires a premium mouse to accompany their mechanical keyboards. The combination of the wireless, sensor and button connection options are exceptional.

Is the MX Master worth the price? Well, selling at $100, MX wireless mouse is much more expensive compared to other mice. It’s features, connectivity, and performance justify the added cost though not everyone would require them.

The Master mouse is a beast. It has become a fundamentally primary mouse. It’s ideal to use if you are a power user. The four buttons – back and forward – works about everywhere. It is an excellent gadget particularly for large documents and web pages. It is ideal for casual gaming although you might get put off by the adaptive scroll wheel – depending on the game. The ability to pair the Master mouse with multiple compatible devices via Bluetooth justifies the price.

The thumb button gestures might take a while getting used to, but once you have excelled in using it. It provides a great scrolling and navigation experience. By just pressing a button, it will swiftly take you to work on the Windows PC, the MAC, and finally to the home theater PC.

At the end of the day, this multi-purpose mouse works perfectly. It might not be a perfect Logitech product, but it’s revolutionary improvement is mind-boggling. It’s easy to use and simple to handle and maintain. Of course, if the price goes down, it will find its way into many desks.

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

For the past few years, the resurgence in the popularity of sophisticated and expensive keyboards has been on the rise. The love for the old-school design has grown into a robust niche that many companies participate in. If you are looking for a keyboard, then you are spoiled for choices. In most cases, in the keyboard’s companion, the mouse is left behind. There are many excellent mice on the market, but a few of them focus exclusively on gaming.

The MX Master is ergonomic and endowed with excellent features that will help you in getting the job done. It is one of the best and latest successes in the MX Series. The Logitech MX Master is a comfortable wireless mouse that is packed with the right features and buttons to work flawlessly in OS X and Windows. Although it will make you open your wallet wider, its performance is incredible and it has set new standards for mice. Some of the other features that make MX Master stand out are:

  • Connectivity – USB, Wireless, 2.4GHz
  • Buttons Qty – 5
  • Capacity – 500 mAh
  • Platform – Windows
  • Weight – 5.19 ounces
  • Dimensions (inches) – 3.9 x 5.1 x 1.9
  • Color  Black
  • Compatibility – OS X, Microsoft Windows
  • Use – Business, Gaming, Home

Comfortable Design

Like most of the MX products, Logitech MX Master is a palm-grip mouse that has substantial thumb support. It means it has a suitable tall and broad design to cradle the user’s palm. The gorge on the left side of the MX Master mouse offers a comfortable nook on the thumb of the user. This comfy design ensures that there is plenty of contact between the mouse and the hand of the user, therefore, reducing the tiresome pressure points.

The thumb wheel and two extra buttons right up is meticulously designed to fit well in your hand for the speed-adaptive scroll wheel. The micro USB port at the nose of the mouse is used to charge this dominant rodent! It’s because the Master mouse no longer uses replaceable AA batteries. At the bottom, there is a button that you can nose to control the device that you desire to use.

As a starter, you don’t need the use of USB dongle for connection. You only need to pair the computer via Bluetooth – you will be amazed how it will work like a charm.

Outlandish Buttons

Since this luxurious mouse is built for the purpose of an average user, the button layout is similar to that of most mice. Apart from the right and left buttons, the MX Master mouse has a clickable scroll wheel, an additional button cleverly hidden near the base, and the two-sided mount thumb buttons. Expect predictable tactile feel with a firm grip on the right and left of the clickable wheel.

Between the buttons is the regular scroll wheel which offers grippy and soft rubber surface. It enables you to rummage through long web pages and documents. The 30-page spreadsheets with an array of emails become an easy task to handle with this impeccable mouse. 


MX Master is referred to as a robust device that has the capability to get connected to multiple computers. The button hidden beneath the mouse helps in controlling the pairing of the connected computers. A robust 2.4GHz wireless Bluetooth or dongle is used for these multiple connections. Owning wireless peripherals in your company can be easy since the 2.4GHz dongle can get paired with various Logitech devices.

The Bluetooth compatibility is packed with the latest version Mac and Windows operating systems. The older systems are restricted getting wired to the 2.4GHz dongle. This dongle is the best bet to rely on if you don’t intend on using multiple devices. 

Do you want an economical mouse? Well, MX Master is your ideal choice. The internal battery can last up to 40days. You only want to charge this excellent wireless mouse once per month. If this does not intrigue you, then it must amaze you – there’s no other way. It is, therefore, economical and worth your money.

Performance with Precision

MX Master is a masterpiece wireless mouse from Logitech. Its efficiency is incredible. The hyper-fast scroll wheels and the four programmable buttons help you in getting more work, quickly and efficiently. Apart from pointing, clicking, and scrolling, you can use this robust mouse in switching between the apps and launching Mission Control.

You will only need to fly through long web pages and documents with just a flick of the scroll wheel. The actions will be frictionless! The customizable thumb buttons help in zooming in and out, opening windows and apps. The effect is rather easier and faster than ever before. Power is required to get the job done. If the energy is low, you only need to plug the mouse into the computer using the micro USD cable.

The tiny wireless receiver is meticulously designed to fit and stick into the USB port. With such an ease, you can add six extra wireless devices that are compatible with MX Master mouse without the need of multiple receivers. The high performance of the Mouse MX supports your hand and gives a grippy surface. The natural feel that comes with the soft surface will make you never to trust any other mouse.

It works at a range of 10m. The speed-adaptive wheels allow you to scroll pages up and down- quickly.

Charging and Battery Life

Have you thought about going for a whole month without charging your mouse? MX Master offers you this incredible chance. The batters can last up to 40 days. You will also charge it for only 4 minutes to get it working for the whole day. It is also chargeable while in use.

Software Magic

MX Master mouse is magically designed to ensure that the user experience brilliancy when using it. It can get used as a plug-and-play gadget via a wired 2.4GHz USB (wireless) dongle. Upon installation, the Logitech software will enable you to control selectable features and also provides a convenient battery gauge.