• Latency and interference-free: Lag and interference are the two critical issues that are common to nearly all wireless mice. Consequently, it is the primary advantage wired mouse has over a wireless option when considering functionality. However, Logitech’s G602 mouse has overcome this hurdle. It suffers no interferences even in places with several wireless devices, a common situation in most gaming rooms today.
  • Smooth and consistent tracking: The use of the Delta Zero sensor for increased tracking sensitivity of this gaming mousse paid off. The DPI switching buttons make life more comfortable by their placement and design. They are also easy to press though too far to be touched accidentally.
  • Battery life: It is probably the biggest achievement of the G602. Ten days of continuous gaming implies weeks of battery life. Again, the sheer fact that one can get along with one battery is a feature that is worth a thumbs-up.


  • Reliance on batteries: While the mouse has excellent battery use, it still has the limitation of depending on non-rechargeable batteries. As a result, using this accessory comes with a perpetual cost that one can avoid by opting for a wired or the high-priced rechargeable option.
  • Windows only: The software, at the time of writing, was only available to Windows users. Consequently, Mac players cannot get any good out of this gaming mouse until Logitech builds a version for their operating system.
  • Difficulty in programming: While we found no major issues with programming the mouse, the process is not as straightforward as it should be. Some gamers will definitely have a difficult time with this one.


Logitech G602 comes with all the desirable features of Logitech’s G series. It is certainly built for a high-impact gaming environment given its long life switches and buttons. The buttons are rated at 20 million clicks. A high tracking sensitivity and interference-free capabilities make this mouse worth the investment.

Even though the use of batteries is a sign of a lifetime cost, it is a manageable one since this is not a power-hungry device. However, a rechargeable option would still be a better bargain. Talking about price, this gaming mouse is fairly priced. Even though the G602 it is not a perfect accessory, it still provides above average performance compared to most of its competitors in the same price bracket.

Logitech G602 Wireless Mouse

A mouse is one of the important accessories in a gamer’s world. Wired mice have become less and less common as wireless options become increasingly available and affordable. Besides, this new breed of gaming mice features new technologies that any serious gamer would love to have. This review looks into the features of one of the Logitech G-series mice, the G602 wireless gaming mouse.


The G602 gaming mouse is a right-handed gaming mouse with a design that meets ergonomic requirements of premium-priced gaming. The 3.77-once mouse is made of different textures and materials, a textured rubber surface, matte-finish black plastic and glossy grey trim. The top of the palm rest has a textured rubber while a rough textured plastic covers the lower part.

Wireless Connectivity

Most gamers prefer a wireless world and having a wireless mouse if they can afford one is the right place to start as it is currently impossible to have wireless monitors. The Logitech G602 wireless mouse uses Logitech’s G-series receiver to connect to the computer.

Two pitfalls plague wireless mice, interference, and lagging. The G602 is designed to overcome both limitations. Unlike the shared receivers that are common with the brand, this mouse’s gaming line take the entire bandwidth.

Programming Buttons

Programmable buttons are a standard feature in a gaming mouse. The G602 comes with six such buttons located to the thumb-side of the mouse, just slightly above the thumb rest. The buttons are raised for easy differentiation.

It has added two buttons at the front and of the mouse, besides the two standard ones. The buttons are easily accessible by the index finger and are used to switch DPI on and off while on the heat of the game.

Power Consumption

Battery life is the most significant limitations of a wireless mouse. Most of them are power hungry, with the battery lasting less than 48 hours. This is may be costly as most wireless mice do not use rechargeable batteries. Most gamers will keep wired-mouse nearby just in case their high profile gaming accessory fails along the way.

Fortunately, the latest G-series mice, including this one has a battery life indicator that shows when the level of the battery. Therefore, you do not fear that you might experience the effects of low battery while in the middle of combat.


Logitech also has successfully navigated the troubled waters of power consumption with its Logitech G602. The gaming mouse uses two AA batteries that can yield up to 250 gaming hour. That is a little more than ten days of continuous gaming.

The mouse also comes with a unique feature that enables it to run on battery for half the time. Simply put, one can use one battery at a time in order not to drain the two batteries simultaneously.

Furthermore, the longevity of the battery is not limited to gaming time. The mouse hibernates when not in active use and this stretches the life of the battery for up to 60 days. There is no need, therefore, of removing the battery when going to sleep and risk misplacing them in the process.


Tracking sensitivity is an issue just as bad as image tearing. The G602 gaming mouse overcomes this limitation with Logitech’s Delta Zero sensor. The sensor provides a sensitivity ranging between 250 and 2500DPI and allows a travel time of up to 2 meters per second.

A player can also switch the DPI as fast as it becomes necessary with the two extra button at its front end. Setting up DPI presets is an alternative solution that gamers will find helpful.


Logitech’s G602 mouse features a customization board that allows a player to set up and adjust DPI presets program macros and other program functions. Gamers who love using game-specific profiles can also create these and toggle between as they change from one game to another.