• Customizable. The mouse is highly customizable, allowing for you to experiment with how you like it and keep it that way. Not only can you customize the type of color that the mouse displays, not only can you customize what every single button on the mouse does, but you can even customize exatly how much heft the mouse has while you use it, a feature that you do not commonly see in mice.
  • Comfortable. The mouse is ergonomically designed especially to be comfortable for extended gaming sections, ensuring that players can enjoy the experience without having to worry about their hands cramping up - well, at least not as much as other mice tend to. It has definitely proved comfortable to me.
  • Wired. Being a wired mouse, it is much more reliable than the wireless variants that you find. You will not have to worry about input lag or having to replace any batteries with this.


  • Not for left-handed users. If you primarily use your mice with your left hand, the ergonomic qualities of the mouse do not confer much of a benefit here for you. The thumb surface just does not come in handy at all, though it is still usable to be fair.
  • Still pricey. The price is definitely not something I would expect a casual user to be willing to pay for this product. Unless the various minutia of features appeals to you in some way, it may turn out to be something of a waste of money to put it towards something you my never find yourself using for more than pointing and clicking.


For the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse, the pros far outweigh the cons, and the cons are something you can expect to find with just about any mouse. The level of customization that you can find with this mouse is much higher than you can expect to find with your average, every day mouse. If you want a high-quality gaming mouse that can make every little bit of minutia have a little more improvement, Be it an attempt to reduce your mouse's input lag or being able to do more with just your mouse to control the game, the Logitech G502 has you covered. But if all you need out of your mouse is the barest of features, you are strongly recommended to look for something much cheaper. If you are not a "hardcore" gamer, you may not get as much benefit from this gaming mouse.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse

When you are playing a video game on your PC, you want to have the best control and precision that you possibly can. The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse is able to offer these and more. The first time I became aware of this gaming mouse was when it was suggested to me by a friend of mine, who had it herself. The main reason she suggested it was because wired mice do not have the input lag of the wireless mice that I was using at the time. I was a little bit wary to buy it when I saw the price tag, but I eventually just decided to jump in and bite the bullet, so to speak. And now that I actually have the Logitech G502, I am really happy that I did.


The Logitech G502 Proteus has a lot of great features, both in its design and its functions. The mouse is ergonomically designed to ensure that your hand can be at its most comfortable. Your hand naturally wraps around the mouse, with your thumb resting on a jutting surface. The mouse is neither too small nor is it too large, which is just perfect for me. It also has a nice, sleek look to it, meaning that it is not an eyesore for me or other people who see it. Another nice aesthetic aspect of this gaming mouse is that you can customize the color scheme of the ‘G’ on the mouse. You can toggle between three different color options, one of which being a variety of colors that switches between each other.


There are quite a few aesthetic benefits to the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse, which is certainly something that I am happy to have with any of my gaming mice. But at the same time, that is not why I paid what I paid for it, and I expect that it is not why anyone else paid for their mouse either. The big benefit of the mouse is just how many functions it has, and little gimmicks. The most obvious perk of the mouse at first sight is just how many buttons the mouse has.

Extra Functions

The mouse of course has all of the standard buttons that you have come to expect from even the simple mice. You have your left and right click buttons as well as a clickable scroll wheel. Beyond that, you also have two buttons directly on the left side of the left mouse button, plus another pair of buttons (which by default is used for Back/Forward in browsers et al). In addition, the mouse wheel can be pushed to the left or the right. Even better, the mouse wheel comes with an extra, awesome function, where you can control the speed of the scrolling. By pushing the button right below it, you can switch from a slow, precise scroll to a lightning fast scroll! Perhaps the best part of the mouse’s design is that you can change the function of any one of the mouse’s buttons in the settings.

One of the most novel features, and one that I have not seen in a mouse before, is the ability to add and remove weights from the bottom of your mouse. Included with your mouse is a case of metal weights, each weighing 36g, that can be slotted into spots especially made for them. This allows for your mouse to have a lot more heft to it, without actually making it sluggish. Have as many or as few in the mouse in order to find the exact right level of heft for your gaming pleasure.

While it is easily the best mouse I have ever used, that does not mean that I think it is perfect. One thing I take issue with the mouse is that I found the outer protection for the cord to be a little sensitive, allowing for it to break in a spot and have the actual cord inside to weirdly start to come out. Beyond the problems I personally found with the Logitech G502, the mouse has some issues for those of you who like to use their mouse with their left hand. Due to the nature of the mouse’s design, the mouse itself does not have any “surface” on the right side of the mouse, meaning that you have no place for you to actually rest your mouse.

An issue, depending on your budget for this mouse, is the price. I myself got pretty lucky and bought my Logitech G502 Proteus while it was on sale on I only spent around $40 for it. Normally however, you can expect to spend around $70 for the mouse new. I think it is a good value even at that price, but some may not be able to afford it.

Ultimately, despite these faults with the mouse, the cons are not exactly of any great significance. So long as you prefer to use the mouse with your right hand, this mouse should have no problems whatsoever for you.