• Safety software: Like most HP machines, the 455 G3 Probook can be configured to protect it from malware and virus attacks at BIOS level. It comes loaded with a couple of HP security software such as HP Touchpoint Manager app, Drive Encryption, Validity Fingerprint Driver, McAfee Antivirus among others. The pre-installed Windows 10 home operating system also offers additional security. It has Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Defender.
  • Affordable: Despite its weaknesses, HP Probook G3 is still a cheaper laptop considering the performance it offers. It scores higher than most PCs within its price range.
  • Memory and storage: It is apparently the critical feature that puts the Probook above its competitors and previous versions such as the 255 G3. Such a massive storage makes the slow SATA technology worth overlooking.


  • Low-quality display: LED backlit screen is the cheapest display technologies in the market today. Adding it to such a laptop destroys the premium touch which it was designed to offer. The color quality does not make things better.
  • Unnecessary software: HP machines always come with nearly two dozen of preinstalled software. Some of them include CyberLink Power2GO, YouCam, PowerDVD, 3D Driveguard, several apps, and classic games. While these are not harmful to the machine, some of us just love an entirely new machine. Besides, users need to decide on what takes their laptop’s memory.


So far, it is clear that the HP Probook 455 G3 is not a gaming laptop. Well, one can play a few old and less demanding games, but that’s all it offers in this aspect. However, it delivers a higher value than HP asks for in payment. It is a suitable machine for business people as they deserve an elegant looking PC that is cheap with a 1tb memory to boot.

The fails of this machine are only glaring when compared to other machines that offer the same premium touch. However such comparison is unfair because the Probook is significantly cheaper. One weakness that counts is HP’s penchant for secondary software. In spite of their reason, most users find it irritating and unnecessary.

In light of the forgoing, the HP Probook 455 G3 earns 3.5 stars out of the total 5 star rating.

HP 455 G3 15.6″ HD ProBook Laptop PC

HP stands out among laptop manufacturers as one that offers high-performance laptops at affordable prices. For years, HP Probooks have provided the premium touch of high-end laptop PCs. The Probook 455 G3 is one of these high-performance machines.

HP 455 G3 Probook takes after the 250 G4 and 255 G3 Probooks. As an upgrade on these two, it offers a more mature performance and comes at a higher price. This review looks into the possible extras that come with the Probook besides the elegance befitting business persons.

Robust Design

The HP 455 G3 Probook is a 15.6-inch laptop weighing 4.6 pounds (2.1 kg). Its built quality is robust, with stable wrist rests and good flex resistance. The center of the lid bears the usual reflective HP logo that gives it a professional touch. It is a little wonder that the corporate class loves it. It is also impossible to avoid noticing the strip metal at the back of the lid.

Opening the lid reveals a matte-black keyboard base bearing a brushed aluminum pattern. Most of the body is plastic except for a few stylish metallic touches such as the silver trackpad and a mesh speaker grill. It is easy to understand that HP designed the body of the Probook to capture attention.

Processor Performance

The Probook is powered by the 6th generation of four core AMD processors, the A10-8700 APU. It is a more capable option compared with Intel’s Core i3- 5005U. On clock cycles, it beats the previous leader of AMD processor, FX-7500. For single thread applications, it runs at a 3.1 GHz, thanks to the HP Turbo technology. When all the four cores are engaged, the speed falls to 2.3 GHz. Even then, it is still higher than the nominal speed of 1.8GHz.

Surprisingly, the machine has a lower OpenGL score than the HP 250G4 that is powered by Intel’s Core i3-5005U. There is no possible explanation for the confusing rating except that it is a result of manufacturer’s tweaking with chip’s settings. Even if that be the case, the processor is still slightly lower than the higher clocked FX-8880P APUs and i5-5200U. These processors power most laptops are found in most in this category.

Memory and Storage

The combination of memory and storage in the HP 455 G3 Probook puts it above its competitors. It hosts a whopping 16GB DDR3L RAM with a frequency of 1.6GHz. The read-only memory is a 1000GB 5200rpm SATA Hard Drive. That is more than enough for keeping business files and programs. It also has a DVD-ROM.


The Probook 455 G3 comes with a 15.6-inch high definition LED backlit display panel. It has a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. Its anti-glare display enables the use of the laptop in strongly lit areas. Hence, it is a suitable tool for people who are required to make presentations outdoors. The low resolution leads to average color saturation and contrast. The horizontal and vertical viewing angles are of little help.

Graphics and Gaming Experience

The AMD A10-8700 APU comes with an integrated Radeon R6 graphics. Its performance is equal to that of Radeon HD 8280. As a result, it can only handle new games that are not graphics intensive and old games.


It is a standard feature of most laptops in this category and might not be worth mentioning. However, unlike most laptops that require the installation of other software to use the camera, HP machines always have them preinstalled. The Probook comes with CyberLink Power2Go. Those who do not mind pre-installed software and apps will find it a handy tool. Nevertheless, the quality of the photos and videos are not to be compared with those of high-resolution phone cameras.


The side of the HP 455 G3 Probook is full of ports. There are three USB ports two for 2.0 type of USBs and one for 3.0 USB type. HP makes up for the absence of Type C USB port by including an SD card reader port. Other connectivity ports are for HDMI, VGA, and Ethernet. It is worth mentioning wireless connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, for completeness’ sake.

Battery Life

The 4-cell lithium ion 44Whr battery in the HP 455 G3 Probook is better than those in the HP 240 G4 and 255 G3. Under average performance, the battery lasts 5 hours and 31 minutes. It, however, takes a sharp dip under processor-intensive tasks and games.