• Frame rate. The Alienware AWAUR6-7482SLV-PUS Aurora R6 Tower Desktop plays recent games at a reliable frame rate and at high settings. This may vary from game to game, and you may find that one game has a harder time running on this computer than others (though this is the case with pretty much any computer that you build or purchase). It is also the case that as games become more powerful, your computer may not be as able to keep up with the new tech as it used to.
  • Storage. The Alienware AWAUR6-7482SLV-PUS Aurora R6 Tower Desktop comes with a 1 TB hard drive, which helps to ensure that gamers are able to store a number of games on the computer, especially games with large files and a number of updates. So no matter if you enjoy playing Overwatch, Dota 2, or League of Legends, you should be all set, no matter how many updates they throw at you.
  • Great value. Despite the reputation that a lot of Alienware PCs have, this one is, in my opinion, a much better value when it comes to the amount of power and features offered for the price.


  • Still pricey. Despite it being on the upper end of Alienware quality in my opinion, the price of the computer may be seen as too high for the exact product that they get. It is certainly not the worst instance of Alienware pricing their product higher than it can justify, but in the grand scheme of things, Alienware asks for more money than the computer is really worth. It is especially a major issue for this computer when you consider that the power supply offered with the Alienware AWAUR6-7482SLV-PUS Aurora R6 Tower Desktop is only 460w, so if you want to do more with the computer, you may end up having to purchase an 800w power supply unit.
  • Build your own? Building a PC may prove more financially viable for customers if they can get through the hassle of it all. Building a PC is definitely not something that I would recommend someone to do on their own if they have never done it before, however. If you do intend to do something of that nature, either pay a company to put all of the parts together or find someone who can do it for you instead.
  • Customization. Not as great a variety of customization options as I would have liked. It is not exactly a "set in stones" kind of computer, but in the past I feel that computers I have had are a lot easier to customize just how I want it.


When all is said and done, I do not know how much I can recommend this computer. It is not the worst computer you can buy, even considering the price, which is higher than average (as one would come to expect from the brand). Ultimately, it feels like the brand is selling on its name more than the quality, unfortunate as it is. Far too many aspects of the computer are not what you would expect from a product that is expensive as this one is, including a weaker power supply, customization options that could be better than they are, and a lack of a liquid-based cooling unit that leads to a less efficient cooling method and a louder one as well. For the most part, this computer will undoubtedly run pretty much any game that you want to play at the time of this review, so at the very least, you are going to be able to get pretty much what you would expect from this console. Just be ready for some potential buyer's remorse.

Alienware AWAUR6-7482SLV-PUS Aurora R6 Tower Desktop

Back in the day, Alienware had something of a reputation – at least when it comes to the casual user – of being “the powerful computer.” They were definitely powerful, that much I cannot deny. But at the same time, a lot of the reputation of being the powerful computer on the market simply had to do with one thing: the particularly high price, especially in comparison to other computers on the market. Eventually, people started to become aware that Alienware computers were not the “end all be all” of gaming computers. They have developed a bit of a reputation for being not as good as the price might imply. They are still thought of in a somewhat positive sense, but getting a powerful gaming computer from other brands or even having your own gaming computer built has become a lot more reasonable to do, so Alienware does not exactly have a monopoly on this industry anymore. With the Alienware AWAUR6-7482SLV-PUS Aurora R6 Tower Desktop, does the reputation stick, or does it buck it and prove that the high price is all too justified?

Just to get it out of the way, and to be perfectly candid, the Alienware AWAUR6-7482SLV-PUS Aurora R6 Tower Desktop is pretty darned solid. So say that if I got this computer for free, I would be mighty pleased. So at the end of the day, whatever problem I may have with the computer, it is still at least a quality product. If you are looking to buy a computer for the purposes of playing high-end video games, this will definitely serve that purpose. A game like Rise of the Tomb Raider for example asks a lot of a gamer’s computer, and the Alienware AWAUR6-7482SLV-PUS Aurora R6 Tower Desktop does a pretty solid job of ensuring that it runs at a reliable framerate, even while you have it set on high settings. This is not going to necessarily be true for all video games given that some video games can have some pretty wonky and arbitrary technical issues. But in general, any problems that it may have are problems you would expect on any PC, not just Alienware PCs. Also, do not be surprised that as time begins to pass, you find that more recent games begin to be harder and harder to run well at top settings. The tech is only getting more complex and attractive these days after all.

In addition to becoming more and more powerful as the tech gets better, games also seem to be getting a lot bigger than they used to be. In turn, people are in need of hard drives with better storage. The Alienware AWAUR6-7482SLV-PUS Aurora R6 Tower Desktop comes with a 1 TB hard drive, ensuring that even the biggest files you download on Steam will be manageable. And as someone who enjoys themselves a good game of Dota, I know all too well that this game likes to throw update after update at its players, constantly adding more size to the overall file. The computer is on average a better bang for your buck than I have found some Alienware PCs to be. However, that does not necessarily mean that I think it is worth the price they are asking people to pay.

The Alienware AWAUR6-7482SLV-PUS Aurora R6 Tower Desktop retails at over $1000, and while it’s not the worst thing you can spend your money on, that does not necessarily mean that I would strongly recommend people go for this computer. It slaos has some aspects that are not exactly what you would expect from a computer that costs more than 1000 dollars. For one, the power supply that the computer includes is 460w, when some people may find an 800w power supply a lot more desirable for their needs. For another, the computer uses air cooling instead of liquid cooling, a far more efficient form of cooling given that water transfers heat far more efficiently (and far more quietly) than air. It is also not as customizable as I like. The customization options are not nill, but they could be way better than they are. While it may not be worth the hassle for some – especially considering that you would have no warranty – building a PC could be a more viable alternative. You can usually get a pretty comparable quality of computer while spending considerably less than this. Though if you do end up going that route, make sure that you spend at least $700. In my opinion, the value proposition isn’t there until after $700.