Great graphics It has one of the fastest mobile GPUs in the category, the GTX 1080. It offers an exceptionally high frames output that meets the visual needs of graphics-intensive games. The graphics memory, DDR5X is the most powerful memory of its kind that can be found in any gaming laptop.

G-sync enabled display Unfortunately, the GPU is too powerful for games that require average visual demands. Hence, there is a disparity between the GPU’s frames output and the monitor’s refresh rates leading to tearing. To counter this, the screen is G-sync enabled eliminating stuttered visuals.

Performance. Intel Core-i7-7820HK is among the best processors in the market today and can power up processor intensive programs such as VR games. With an SSD card memory, it is possible to attain faster program loading, booting and read and write rates than the traditional HDD. As a result, the performance of this machine can be upgraded to deliver faster performance.


Inadequate cooling. Most reviewers and critics have pointed out the heating problem of this premium gaming laptop. It is true that it heats faster at the bottom. Such heat buildup is probably as a result of the high processor intensive performance it delivers. As a result, the amount of heat produced is more than the cooling rate.

Pricey. It is one of the most expensive gaming laptops available in shops today. However, given the performance, speed, storage size and display options, the premium cost, above $2000, is justified. However, most gaming enthusiasts cannot enjoy its exceptional features.

SSD quality. The use of solid state drive, SSD is to increase access and processing speeds. The fastest SSDs in the market are based on the M.2 (em dot two) technology. They offer a speed that is four times the standard SATA options. The SSD used in the AW17R4-7352SLV PUS, however, is of the mSATA type. Hence it delivers slower performance compared to other laptops in the same class.


It is no doubt that AW17R4-7352SLV PUS is one of the best Alienware gaming laptops in the high-end category. It has the most powerful processor and one of the best graphics in the industry. Except for the SSD, all the components of the machine are the best in electronic shops. This makes it a worthy investment for hardcore and experienced gamers.

Despite the jaw-dropping performance, the AW17R4-7352SLV PUS fails when it comes to cooling. Again this can be mitigated by running it at reduced settings. Opting for this beats the purpose of buying such a pricey machine only to run it at settings of a laptop costing $500 less.

8 GB RAM is inadequate for the expected performance. Not forgetting the SSD issues. Therefore, for optimum performance, one has to spend an additional $400 to upgrade to a 16GB RAM and a 512 GB M.2 SSD.

Given the preceding, I give Alienware AW17R4-7352SLV PUS a 4 out of 5-star rating based primarily on the performance and quality of components.

Alienware AW17R4-7352SLV PUS Gaming Laptop

The Alienware AW17R4-7352SLV PUS ranks among the most powerful high-end gaming laptops gamers can ever find. It is a powerful machine that befits experienced and hardcore gamers. In this article, I review the core features that make it stand out as one of the most positively reviewed gaming laptops.

Aggressive Design

The AW17R4-7352SLV PUS comes with the trademark Alienware’s angular design. The brand has not made significant changes to the looks. The display is a 17 inch full HD panel in a black and grey casing which gives it an aggressive touch. Its soft-touch plastic and aluminum construction provides a refined elegance to the overall design. The ubiquitous Alienware logo is still on the lid.

The gaming laptop comes with a complete keyboard comprising of macro keys and a numbered pad. It comes with black soft-touch deck with strip lights on the sides. AlienFX technology controls the lights for enhanced effects. Another design killer point in the AW17R4-7352SLV PUS is the addition of Tobii eye-tracking camera.

NVidia G-sync Enabled Display

AW17R47352SLV PUS is a 17-inch display gaming laptop with a premium screen resolution of 2560 by 1446 pixels. Consequently, its sharpness and brightness are superior to most of its competitors in the market. The screen panel achieved a 0.5 Delta E-accuracy score. Even though it was slightly above the perfect score of zero, it is still much better than the category’s average, 1.6.

A significant feature of the AW17R4-7352SLV PUS’s display is that it is NVidia G-sync enabled. G-sync synchronizes the GPU with the 120Hz screen enhancing a smooth gaming experience. This feature is one of the main reasons it is one of the bestselling portable gaming machines in the market.

Top Performance Graphics

AW17R4-7352SLV PUS has the most potent graphics cards among all Alienware gaming laptops. Its dedicated GPU is the GeForce’s GTX 1080 GPU that comes with an 8GB GDDR5X graphics memory pack. With this configuration, the machine can handle intense graphics intensive games at high settings. It also welcomes players to a smooth Virtual Reality gaming.

SteamVR Performance Test shows that the AW17R4-7352SLV PUS attained an overall score of 11. This is above the class’ average of 9.3. With such a score, it holds the record for the best gaming and graphics performance in the category. Even more, it offers fantastic VR experience with the best Oculus Rift and HTC Vive games.

Processor Performance

The AW17R4-7352SLV PUS comes with the 7th generation Kaby Lake Intel CPU, core-i7, 7820HK. The processor’s overclockable 2.9 GHz speed makes it one of the fastest processors on the market. To enhance the performance, it comes with two types of storages, a 256GB SSD and the standard 7200 rpm 1TB HDD.

The SSD is the booting device having a preinstalled Windows 10 Home operating system. The configuration makes the read-and-write cycles faster. The standard RAM is 8GB DDR4 but can be extended to 32 GB.

Battery Life

The battery of the AW17R4-7352SLV PUS lasts up to 8 hours when under moderate use. Battery life drops to 3 hours during intense gaming action.