• Affordable. The Acer XF240H monitor offers premium features at a lower price range. Everything about the Acer XF240H, with perhaps the only exception being its simplistic design, matches the specs sheet of top-tier products.
  • High performance. Despite the lower price, the Acer XF240H is equipped with features such as AMD FreeSync technology for synchronization of frames per second and provides a more dynamic and smooth gaming experience.
  • High-quality display. The Acer XF240 comes with a 144hz TN (Twisted Nematic) full HD display with a fast response time. The fast response time prevents lagging and other issues associated with regular monitors.


  • Poor viewing angles. Unlike PA and IPS panel technologies, TN panel technology — despite having fast response times — produces subpar color reproduction and bad viewing angles.
  • Lacks good connectivity. Relative to similar products in the market, the Acer XF240H is rather lacking when it comes to connectivity. You only have one DVI, display, and HDMI port.


The Acer XF240H is one of the best, most affordable gaming monitors in the market at the moment. The monitor does not come with features of the high-tier products more than twice its price, but it offers a pretty good performance. With a little tweaking in the settings department, you can experience the same level of bling and extras.

There are minor issues such as difficulties when using the Nvidia control panel — display reverts to default settings — and color degradation, but nothing an avid gamer can’t solve by himself. All these small issues can be fixed by playing around with the settings on OSD. If you are looking for a good gaming monitor that will not cost you an arm and a leg, the Acer XF240H is the way to go.

Acer XFA240 High Definition TN Monitor

Gaming is a popular pastime for many hobbyists and for competitive gamers – every detail matters. The recent proliferation of gaming mice and gaming keyboards in the market proves that point. When it comes to gaming monitors, every frame is important. The Acer XFA240 full HD monitor is creatively designed and saves space on your desk; you can build a big seamless display by placing multiple monitors side by side for the ultimate gaming experience.

Premium gaming monitors are gradually becoming marginally affordable and accessible to a larger audience. Many gamers can now enjoy some of the benefits that come with a quality gaming monitor. Of course, top-tier products that offer a lot of extra features such as aggressive styling and more powerful technology are still quite expensive. Companies like Acer are able to offer gaming monitors at lower prices without having to sacrifice some essential features, and that’s exactly what Acer has done with the XF series.

Acer XFA240 Key Features

The Acer XFA240 monitor gives users a snug viewing experience while gaming via the ComfyView, low dimming, and flicker-less display. The monitor also comes with the AMD Free Sync technology, meaning that the game’s frame rate is determined by the graphics card as opposed to the monitor’s fixed refresh rate. This feature gives users a significant competitive edge when playing competitive games. The Acer XFA240 gaming monitor is full HD (1920*1080), a monitor that can keep up with your gameplay. Here are some of the key features:

  • 1ms response time
  • Signal inputs; DVI, HDMI/MHL, and Display port (V1.2)
  • AMD Free Sync technology
  • 24 inch 1920 *1080 full HD resolution with TN Display
  • 144Hz refresh rate (display port)
  • Two speakers (2 Watts each)

The Acer XF240H monitor brings the benefits of some of these products to the reach of an average person. The current price of products such as the Acer XF240H was hitherto dominated by some old, boring, mainstream monitors, something you can’t say about the XF series. With FreeSync technology, fast response times, 144hz refresh rates, the XF240H is a real bargain at its current price (goes for $229.99 on Amazon).

Look and Feel

Practicality dictates that functions be prioritized over aesthetics. The accessories and looks of the XF240H are a bit stripped down relative to its Predator series cousins, but its simplistic design is reflective of the price. It’s not necessarily a bad design, but there’s not much to say about the XF240H, and that’s strictly from a physical standpoint.

The matte black stands and cabinet do not attract any dust or fingerprints and feel good to touch. The monitor has an industrial look which can be appealing to some in the sense that not everyone likes designs that emphasize the gamer concept – the ones with the garish, heavily accessorized builds. The panel is surrounded by a thin strip of Bezels that creates an excellent viewing space which makes it perfect for users to set up multiple displays.

On the lower right side of the monitor, you will find the OSD buttons. Though still quite functional, these buttons may feel a little clunky when you press them. The Acer XF240H is worth much more than it looks if you focus in its performance rather than its appearance — which is not really that bad. The build quality is relatively superb and robust in spite of the flimsy buttons.


When it comes to buying a gaming monitor, one of the most important things to consider is the display specifications. Display specs determine the dynamism and fluidity of gameplay. The Acer XF240H sports a 144hz TN 24-inch display with a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a response time of 1ms, the same set of specs that top-tier TN products feature. One issue that has constantly been raised by viewers is that of poor viewing angle, but that can be easily fixed with a few ergonomic adjustments.

You may find that the screen is a little too bright and the colors awfully washed out of the box. But the picture becomes instantly better upon adjusting some of the settings using the OSD buttons. Playing around with the colour settings — saturation, colour temperature (RGB), brightness, and gamma — sends the overall image performance to the level of pricier competitors and makes the gaming experience more vibrant and alive.

We recommend limiting the frames to 120hz since the colors again fade or become washed out upon nearing the peak 144hz. Limiting the frames alleviates this problem without color quality or induces any noticeable changes in the sleekness of the picture.  If you choose to apply changes in the Nvidia control panel, the Acer XF240H display will revert to default settings.


144hz monitors are built for high performance. After switching to a 144hz monitor, players have reported a significant increase in performance and a better, smoother experience. The Acer XF240H, albeit cheaper, is not different. At its native 1920*1080 resolution, the Acer XF240H has the capability of producing a high FPS output and maximizes the refresh rate.

However, frame rates plummet quite often, especially when playing games like Battlefield 1 or Witcher 3, causing screen tearing and blurring. This problem can be solved by activating AMD’s FreeSync that the XF240H comes equipped with. The titles become smooth again when FreeSync is activated. If you like playing competitive games such as CS: GO or Overwatch where amazing visuals aren’t as important as fast framerates, you may not need FreeSync even at 1080p resolution.