Apex Legends: Welcome to a new Battle Royale Game

Apex Legends - The New Battle Royale Game
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Playing Battle Royale video game with friends is too much fun. If you’re the diehard fan of Fortnite: Battle Royale, then at least one time you should check this game out, and believe me, you’ll forget Fortnite and PUBG.

Apex Legends is a Battle Royale video game and has successfully reached over 10 Million players within three days. That’s really awesome, on another hand, Fortnite took a week to achieve this target.

Battle Royale games are awesome and challenging, especially for newcomers; similar to a maze challenge. Even the most skilled players from across the land will marathon through different sessions, in which their best struggles are laborious but futile.

Scavenge for Resources, Weaponry, and Items – Similar to other Battle Royale Games

Allow yourself to experience the beautiful blend of superb elements taken from different titles, including Titanfall series, class-based shooting games, and battle royale games.

Almost sixty players are parachute on an epic island in squads of three. As you know, in the start you have the option of opting of your favorite character, take him to the workshop where using a set of accessories and items you can change its appearance to look unique among other players.

So, let’s fast forward to gameplay, where upon landing, you must scavenge for resources, weaponry, items, and equipment like other battle royale games.

The main notable difference between Apex Legends and other battle royale games is that you need to form a team of three players and up to sixty players are pitted against each other to be the last team or a player to win.

After establishing a team, players must scavenge for resources to battle other squads.

Meanwhile, the playing gradually constricts in size until one team remains. A voice chat system is integrated into this game for easy communication between team members to plan their strategy and then implement it to take down rival teams or players from a first-person perspective.

What’s new in Apex Legends?

The game lands with prominent features, including care packages and the capability of reviving the team members who lost their life while fighting against rivals.

The main cause of Apex Legends’ popularity is its “Ping System”, which enables teammates to mark the locations, supplies, and enemies using a simple system to inform other members about the specific locations, etc.

Recently, Fortnite has copied the ping system and introduced it in its Battle Royale mode. It just a single button and upon tapping you can let everyone know what actually you are looking for.

Play as a Team of three Players

Playing battle royale games with strangers somehow proves to be unbearable. You’ll get what I mean to say.

So, when you get paired up with that one player who can’t fend off commands and odd exclamations into their mic.

Currently, up to 10 players are available and each has its unique personality, skills, and abilities. You don’t need to worry, soon further characters will be introduced for the better gaming experience.

Undoubtedly, the mighty legends in Apex Legends remain on the footing. This is possible due to their unique abilities, which are enough unique to differentiate the character classes, but slightly enough to complement, instead of overwhelming one another.

Team-based Experience – Create Your Team

As you know, Apex Legends mainly focuses on doing one thing ultimately well and that is team-based competition in the genre of Battle Royale.

At release, the game only features a team-based mode where up to twenty groups of three players pit against each other in order to be the last team to win the game.

However, almost everything in this game works to further teamwork that features a set of improvements to releases that plague the entire genre, such as clearing the inventory management and struggling to increase the accessibility.

The developers excel by mixing brilliant ideas that have worked in shooting genre before. The Battle Royale rules are the same as in similar video game; with limited changes.

While playing the game, you will experience an awesome skydive onto a massive island with nothing special, but scramble to collect weapons, equipment, and other items to use against the rival players or teams you encounter until only one team or player survives.

While the game doesn’t feature any titans or wall-running elements, it’s still capable of seeing the bones of Titanfall 2 undergirding Apex, which almost reuses the weapons of Titanfall and some of its movement mechanics, including mantling and sliding, to make the gaming experience of the player just plain amazing.

The Best Feature: The Ping System

The best notable feature in this title is it’s Ping system, which slightly enables you to press only one key to make a marker on the screens of your teammates.

Therefore, the ping system is brilliantly crafted to offer a super-smart-aim at a gun or a helmet and your selected character will identify the location of the specific object to everyone.

During the gameplay, you can ping your favorite location in your menu in order to call for things you need, mark several places you desire, or must identify spots other players from across the world, have passed through.

The most important thing is that you can use pings to mark the enemy locations as well. Undoubtedly, the system is so responsive in Apex Legends that it can fully replace talking to your established team.

A Revival System – Respawn Yourself

There’s another system that is specially designed for you to get more engaged with your created team.

If a squad falls in the fight and is kicked off from the match, then as the main character you can retrieve their banner, an item that drops with specific loot, and also can use it to respawn them into the game as they just have begun.

The Revival System features some intense strategy to Apex Legends that needs you to risk your life to save the squad at any cost – you can only call back defeated teammates at the specific time on the massive map.

While in the game, players can bring their teams back to the game from the edge of the destruction. So, this system offers a great incentive to stay in several matches and enable players to keep talking to and helping their team, instead of leaving when they die to join another match and start their career from the beginning.

Shoot ‘em All

Similar to the previous titles of Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends provides you with satisfying shooting gameplay and comes with a set of cool guns to learn and master.

However, during gun play, the game sometimes gets held back just because some weapons carry small magazines. During game play, players have a lot of health, which gradually increases with the addition of armor, or decreases upon receiving attacks.

How to Play Apex Legends

Apex Legends has borrowed the concepts of the hero shooter, set also thirty years after the events of Titanfall 2. But, Apex Legends is slightly different from the most Battle Royale games by introducing Legends, detailed characters each with unique abilities that fall into unique roles such as:

  • Defense
  • Offense
  • Recon
  • Support

In the game, the player needs to group into a team of three players, while each player has an opportunity to choose a unique Legend in Turn, and each match introduces up to 20 teams competing against each other for resources, weapons, and for the title of the last man standing.

Each match starts the game with teams having no equipment and are flown over the map of the game via drop-ships from the procedural direction from which players drop onto an area on the map they can easily reach.

Upon landing, players scavenge the map for weapons, resources, and other vital elements, similar to PUBG and Fortnite: Battle Royale.

As the game starts, the team needs to scour for ammunition, weapons, etc. while battling against each other to be the last.

Ever-Shrinking Safe Zone

Like PUBG and Fortnite, Apex Legends also introduced the safe zone where the player needs to reach at any cost to survive; otherwise he will perish.

While in a team, the player needs to down into a vulnerable bleed-out state, leaving them in order to crawl for cover or reach a teammate, who is capable of reviving him.

Upon receiving damage, players can potentially be respawned if their teammates retrieve this banner and take it to a Spawn Beacon, scattered across the map, in a fixed amount of time.

The game includes both a contextual single-button communication and voice-chat communication with teammates, enabling players to ping the map introduces opponents, weapons, or rally points.

Micro-transactions System

Firstly, Apex Legends is available absolutely free-to-play format but supported through micro-transactions for epic heroes and cosmetics.

During the game, new cosmetic items can be dominated from revealing Apex Packs, the version of the game of loot boxes that contain a random assortment of rewards, or using the hard-earned in-game currency Crafting Materials; which the player gained through Apex Packs.

These packs are free and enable the player to earn those as the player receives experience points.

Furthermore, the player can receive tokens by conquering matches as well as for leveling, which are used to get access to new Legends and specific cosmetic items.

Apex Legends is a much better game as compared to Fortnite: Battle Royale and PUBG, because of its highly detailed graphics, ping system, and the new form of battle royale mode. The brilliant entry of Apex Legends has confirmed how players are crazy to play this game.