Ace Bayou X Rocker Gaming Chair Review


  • Functionality and adaptability. Compared to other gaming chairs that are on the market, the Ace Bayou X Rocker comes with a wide range of different advantages that can make it ideal for many players. One of the advantages of the chair is that it has an incredible amount of functionality and adaptability. The chair is built with a wide range of inputs and outputs that can be connected to many different gaming systems and different audio player systems.
  • Extremely comfortable. Another advantage of the Ace Bayou X Rocker chair is that it is extremely comfortable. Compared to other gaming chairs on the market today, the manufacturers spent a considerable amount of time trying to develop chair that is comfortable for people of all sizes sitting for an extended period of time. It comes with a plush vinyl upholstery, which is not only comfortable but also extremely durable.


  • Expensive. While the Ace Bayou X Rocker comes with a range of different features that make it beneficial compared to other chairs in the market today, there are disadvantages that people should be aware of before they make a decision to buy it. One of the disadvantages is that it can be more expensive. Today, the chair is typically available for sale for around $150. This is upwards of $50 more than other chairs that are on the market. Another disadvantage is that it is not specifically designed to work with just one operating system, which can take out some functionality that may be received with other chairs.


Overall, when looking for a gaming chair, the Ace Bayou X Rocker would be a great option.  While the chair tends to be a bit more expensive than other chairs on the market and may not have the ability to be connected to a specific gaming system, there are a wide range of advantages that could make it beneficial compared to the other options.  Those that like to play video games will truly enjoy the extreme comfort and support that the chair provides while also enjoying the flexibility that it provides given the range of different gaming systems and audio systems that it can be connected to.

The Ace Bayou X Rocker would receive a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. While the does not have a specific gaming system to be paired with the wide range of connectivity and adaptability features make it ideal for almost all gamers.  Furthermore, those that are looking for a chair to play games in for a long period of time will never be able to find one that is more comfortable than the Ace Bayou X Rocker.

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As any avid gamer would know, having access to the highest quality gaming parts and accessories is one thing that can set you apart from the competition. One thing that all gamers should always take seriously is the gaming chair that they use. Today, one of the top gaming chairs available is the Ace Bayou X Rocker. There are many features of this gaming chair that help to set it apart from the competition. 

Audio System

One of the advantages of the Ace Bayou X Rocker is that it provides people with an extreme amount of audio power. The chair comes with a built-in 2.1 audio systems that comes with two different side speakers, a subwoofer, and the ability to control the volume from the chair. You are then able to easily adjust the volume while seated in your chair and can adjust the volume quickly based on whatever you are playing. This is ideal for anyone that lives in a home that requires them to play with an alternating level of volume throughout the day. 

Connectivity and Adaptability

The Ace Bayou X Rocker was designed to provide a player with the most amount of connectivity and adaptability possible.  The chair comes with standard band switch controls, has the ability to adjust and accept both input and output Jacks, has two standard headphone jacks, has three different male and female plug adapters, and has a variety of stereo adapters. All of these different adapters make it possible to connect the chair to a wide range of exterior audio and visual systems. This is something that is unmatched by any other chair on the market today.

The functionality of the Ace Bayou X Rocker makes it possible for it to be connected to all major video game system today. Today, the chair is available for use for all of the major gaming systems including the Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, and Game Boy systems. It is also extremely common for users to connect it to an iPod, home theater system, or DVD player. The flexibility is ideal compared to chairs that are specifically designed for just one gaming or entertainment system.  

Style and Comfort

When someone plays competitive video games, they will likely end up sitting down for several hours at a time on a regular basis. For those that would like to continue to have the energy and be in the right state of mind, it is extremely important to be comfortable the entire time. Because of this, it would be advantageous to get a chair that has a strong mix of style and comfort.

The Ace Bayou X Rocker has many features that help to make it one of the most comfortable chairs on the market today.  The entire chair is upholstered in a soft vinyl fabric that is extremely comfortable to sit in.  Furthermore, it is very durable, which means you can go years without having to change the fabric.  The chair also come standard with two aluminum supported armrest that can withstand a significant amount of pressure, which is ideal when you are playing games that require you to move around quite a bit. It also comes situated with a base that allows for a substantial amount of rocking and always allows you to retain a certain level of balance. This allows you to continue to retain complete control while you are playing.

Storage Features

Another feature of the Ace Bayou X Rocker is that it can be easily stored in most homes. The Ace Bayou X Rocker comes with the ability to fold in half. When it is fully assembled it is about 29 inches long by 37 in side. However, when it is folded in half and broken down, it can easily be fit into most closets. Furthermore, it has a modest weight of about 32 lb. While it is a relatively light gaming chair, it does have the ability to hold a player that weighs upwards of three hundred pounds.