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BestGamingPC.com is a popular website in the gaming industry which provides top-notch gaming PC reviews and advice to thousands of readers a month to help them find everything from the best gaming laptop, best gaming desktop or choosing between the two best selling VR headsets.

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Mauricio N. – BestGamingPC.com was created and developed by Mauricio towards the end of 2016 . He started this project to expand the interest in gaming and to effectively communicate to its readers the cool features of some of the up and coming gaming products . Mauricio has a background in software development having developed multiple software applications throughout his career. Mauricio can be reached via email at mn@bestgamingpc.com .

Raymond H. – Raymond is a proficient writer who has published hundreds of feature gaming articles in newspapers, magazines, regional and national publications, and on BestGamingPC.com . Over the years, Raymond has been exposed non-stop to the latest in gaming strategies and products. Raymond can be reached via email at rh@bestgamingpc.com .

Nicholas S. – Nicholas has been a gamer for two decades. He has owned most major game consoles and hundreds of individual games. He currently owns both new and old consoles and keeps up with the market, both in terms of games and consoles being released and in terms of industry and company news. Nicholas can be reached via email at ns@bestgamingpc.com .

gilbert_sGilbert S. – Gilbert is a professional writer with over a decade of experience writing everything from research papers to gaming technology reviews. Gilbert’s work in the gaming industry ranges from marketing pieces written for various video game companies to reviews and editorials for gaming news websites, as well as hands on work on various independent projects. Gilbert can be reached via email at gs@bestgamingpc.com .

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